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How To Enter Your License Details

How To Reset Your License Key

You can reset your license key on your own by clicking on the link below and then following these steps. 


1.  Enter the license email and license key sent to you via email in the correct fields.

2.  Then press the reset button.

3.  Then restart your computer.

How To Run The Software As An Administrator

This was covered in the "Get Software" tab and is 
required in order to open any software that was 
activated with a license key. 

If you are seeing this message below you did not run the software as an administrator and may want to watch the video directly to the right so that you do not see this going forward as the software needs to be run as an administrator.

Software Hanging or Stopping On Your Computer

Due to multiple changes within Windows 7 and Windows 10 
and some of our software automating a lot of sites with 
Flash and Java you may want to look at installing the 
Visual C++ 
Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

This will make it easier for the software to read images 
and if you had an issue with the software hanging or 
something loading slow this will fix those issues.

We recommend downloading and installing both 
vc_redist.x64.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe
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Free Zip Program To Download Software If You Are Having Problems With Your Zip Program

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How To Add The Software To Exclusions List Within The Antivirus Software If You Are Having Issues With The Software Freezing

This will look slightly different depending on what antivirus software  you have installed on your computer as we can not include them all as there are just too many of them but this is a quick example of how this would be done.

Both Programs Below Are Free

Driver Booster - use if your computer is running slower then usually for some reason.

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Kingsoft Antivirus Software - use if your antivirus software has expired or doesn't allow you to exclude software from being scanned.

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Follow This Video If You Are Having Resource Issues Where The Software and Your Computer Take Forever Just To Load Up A Webpage.

Support Ticket Response Times Explained

How To Uninstall The Software

How To Adjust Your Video Settings

How To Adjust Your Computer Power Settings So That Your Computer Remains On

How To Run Our Software On A Mac Computer

Other Platform Alternatives For Running The Software

Antivirus Software False Positive

Antivirus Warning

Should your ever receive an antivirus warning while using any of our software tools this is called a "False Positive".  The software contains built-in functionality to "call-home" to verify the software's registration.

The antivirus software may be set to be suspicious of any new executable program that it doesn't recognize.  Your antivirus software is not smart enough to recognize what is and what is not an actual real threat.  It can only check for certain characteristics that are common in malicious programs.

First make sure that your antivirus software is set to simply "warn" you of any possible threats (rather than let it take an action automatically) so that you can decide when you trust the source of any software that you decide to install on your computer.

If you are not sure how to do this exactly you can either go to the antivirus software's website, Google, or YouTube and there should be either a guide or a video on how to do this.

Antivirus False Positive

Do Not let your antivirus software "guess" what should be trusted and take action without your approval.  When your antivirus pops an AV Warning, you can add the software to the "Exclusions List" within the antivirus software (allowed programs/white-listed).  This allows the software to function without any interference from the antivirus software.

With the advent of HACKERS constantly trying to circumvent security and OS systems security, AV manufacturers have dialed up their security algorithms to compensate for this.  because of that AV's fire on ANY suspicious software, or activity especially in a Windows environment.

Lastly, we certainly wouldn't harm our reputation by selling "infected" software to our valuable customers.  We certainly would not last very long and would not have been able to acquire the thousands of customers that have grown to trust us and purchase multiple products from us.  Please rest assured that we only distribute high quality software tools and marketing resources to assist you and your business.