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Sean Walters - Serial Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Sean Walters.

I'm a serial entrepreneur that enjoys building out businesses and then either selling them or holding onto them to generate multiple streams of income.

color-computer-2I have been working online from the comfort of my own home since 2011.  Since then there has not been a day that goes by where I do not learn something new which is the great thing about this industry that we call Internet Marketing.

I do not have a rags to riches story but I knew that if I wanted more out of life that I needed to be in control and that meant running my own business.  Something that I knew early on is that without running my own business that I would be on the 40 year treadmill only to retire broke and on the governments payroll like a lot of people.

When I first started online back in 2007 I had no knowledge of anything in terms of how to make money online or that I would end up where I'm today.  All I knew at the time was that I needed to make some serious changes in my life and make them quickly to alter my financial future for the better.

The road to success has not been an easy one as if you were to ask me how many things I color-globe-keys-2tried and failed at in an attempt to generate an income from home in the very beginning it would be too many to count.  I literally tried my hand at as many things as I could to make money online and because I did not have the right mindset I continued to fail miserably.

It was not until I stopped following the herd and just focused on one thing where I became a subject matter expert and was laser focused did I start seeing success.

My advice would be to anyone looking to make a full time income while working from home is have a little patience, focus on one thing, and do not chase shiny objects.

This will take you a long way and save you a lot of time and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Today I'm happy to say that all of the struggles and failures have paid off to the point where I now make a healthy multiple six figure income per year

Sean W

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