People Who This May Not Be A Good Fit For

If you identify with one or more of the points below do both yourself and us a favor and do not purchase as it will save everyone time which is something that you can never get back once it is gone as life is too short.

We would rather sacrifice and have one less customer and have less stress in our lives then to have one more customer that fits into any of the below categories.  

We have done what most merchants are afraid to do because they fear losing sales which is a scarcity mindset and that is to be upfront about who this is for and who it is not for as this is not for everyone.

We know that some of these people will still purchase any way and we can not stop that, but this page is dedicated just for this 1% so that they can clearly identify themselves prior to making a purchase to avoid any unnecessary communication with us.

Again, If You Identify With Any of These Points Below We Strongly Advise You To Reconsider Your Purchase As We Would Rather Not Have Your Business or Have Any Contact With You At All.

  • People Who Don't Like or Have An Issue With Our "No Refund" Policy
  • Serial Refunders
  • People Who Intend To Ask For A Refund Regardless Right After Making Their Purchase
  • People Who Just Want To Try The Product
  • People Who Have Unrealistic Expectations
  • People Who Want You To Do It For Them
  • People Who Complain About Any And Everything
  • Black Hatters Who Think That They Can Crack Our Software By Making A Purchase and Then Asking For A Refund Moments Later When They Find Out That They Can't
  • People Who Have A Problem Watching Videos
  • People Who Can't Follow Simple Instructions
  • People Who Have Slow Computers
  • People Who Can't Make A Decision And Then Want To Ask For A Refund After They Have Just Made A Purchase
  • People Who Don't Have Patience And Who Have An Issue Waiting For A Response or An Update
  • People Who Need To Communicate With You On Everything And Send Multiple Tickets For Non-Related Questions Not Pertaining To The Software
  • People Who Are Down To Their Last Few Dollars And Will Ask For A Refund After They Have Purchased Because They Have Mismanaged Their Money
  • People Who Need Written Text Instructions Instead of A Video
  • People Who Want Videos or Written Instructions In A Different Language Other Than English
  • People Who Will Purchase And Then Ask For A Refund Months Later After They Have Used Your Product(s)
  • People That Need To Be Held By The Hand On Everything And That Cannot Think For Themselves
  • People That Do Not Want To Watch The Videos But Instead Send A Support Ticket For Something Already Covered In The Videos That They Did Not Watch
  • People Who Expect You To Run A 24 Support Desk and Answer Questions Within 15 Minutes After They Were Submitted
  • People Who Use Your Software and Then Abuse It and Then Get Their Accounts Restricted and Then Want To Ask For A Refund
  • People Looking For A Web-Based Software, As All of Our Software Tools Are Desktop Applications
  • People Who Ask For A Refund But Cannot Provide An Explanation of Why They Need To Be Refunded
  • People Who Think That They Are Entitled To A Refund Just Because They Asked For Any Reason
  • People Who Think That They Need To Be Computer Programmers To Use Our Software But Are Just Too Lazy To Watch The Videos Provided and Are Just Making Excuses
  • People Who Constantly Switch From One Thing To Another and Can't Make Up Their Mind and Then Want To Request A Refund
  • People Who Are 100% Totally Computer Illiterate or Refuse To Learn
  • People Who Need To Communicate With Your Over The Phone For Items That Can Be Handled Via The Support Desk
  • People Who Need You To Log Onto Their Computer To Troubleshoot Various Pre-existing Issues Prior To Making A Purchase of Any of Our Software Tools
  • People Who Do Not Take Responsibility For Their Own Actions Who Want To Shift Blame To Others
  • People Who Think That The Customer Is Always Right 100% of The Time and Who Do Not Accept Responsibility For Anything Even When It Is Their Fault
  • People Who Are Too Busy To Watch Videos or Claim That They Do Not Have Enough Time To Watch Them

Please note that the content of this page can change without prior notice. Last updated on 06-1-2015.