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Updated Strategy For IBOToolBox Video

Due to IBOToolBox making some changes to their platform most likely because of this very software and others like it here are my new recommendations that we current use for our accounts and what we recommend to others when asked

*When sending out associate request we do not send out more than 200 in one day

*When sending or replying to messages we do not send or reply to more than 100 a day

*When posting on the wall we do not do more than 20 a day and we do them no closer then 20 minutes apart

 Note:  You are free to use whatever settings you choose as we are just sharing with you what we currently use and what is working for us with no issues.

IBO Dominator Login Details For IBOToolBox Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 1 - Send Associate Request Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 2 - Send Messages Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 3 - Accept or Deny Request Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 4 - Remove Associates Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 5 - Post To Wall Video

IBO Dominator - Quick Start Video 6 - Reply To Messages Video

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