Video Tutorials - Using The Software's Features Within The Different Tabs

Video Tutorials - X Tab

Note: The Software Interface Was Recently Updated But The Functionality of
The Software and The Placement of The Buttons and Controls Are Still The Same!

The X Tab For Your Login Details # 1

The X Tab For Your Login Details # 2

Video Tutorials - Join Groups Tab

Join Groups Tab Intro

Select Another FB User To Join Open Groups From

Join Open Groups By Search Term

Join Open and Closed Groups From A List

Video Tutorials - Gather Groups Tab

Gather Groups Tab Intro


Open Groups and All Groups


Video Tutorials - Post To Groups Tab

Post To Groups Tab Intro


Different Options Run Through Intro



How To Post To Your Groups



Captcha Setup



Video Tutorials - Remove Groups Tab

Remove Groups Tab Intro


Open and All Groups


Video Tutorials - Post Bump Tab

Post Bump Tab Intro

Video Tutorials - Disable Notifications Tab

Disable Notifications Tab Intro

Video Tutorials - Add Groups To A List Tab

Add Groups To A List Intro

Converting Your List Into A Spreadsheet


Video Tutorials - Get Group Member Data Tab

Get Group Member Data Intro

Note:  When selecting the "Gather Group Members Data Using Open Groups List" option the software at the moment only gathers one group at a time due to some customers computers not being able to handle the data due to the software using a lot of computer resources. 

What this means is that you only want to have one group entered within the .txt document prior to uploading it into the software.