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Here Are The Products and Services That We Use To Manage Our Business


The current layout of this site uses OptimizePress which is built on top of WordPress which is the most widely used CRM platform to date. The reason why we love OptimizePress is because it is drag and drop technically which already made templates that you can easily modify to your likely without having to be a web designer professional. The layout of the templates are very professional and work right out of the box. Not to mention that this is a one time fee.


If you an any type of Internet Marketer you should definitely be building a list and one of the commercial email autoresponder services that we use is Aweber. This service allows us to capture email addresses and a way to follow up with our list as well as broadcast your messages to them when need be. Definitely a must have!


If you have a domain that is live on the Internet then obviously you will need to host that domain somewhere and we haven't found a better hosting solution than LiquidWeb. We have used many in the past but when it comes to customer service and up time of their servers nothing else that we have tried in the past even comes close.


We buy all of our domains from NameCheap as they are as the name states"cheap" and cheaper than  NameCheap provides the same service as all of the other domain registrars without all of the upsells that you do not need. All you need is a domain name and the whois protection and you are good to go. Their site is pretty easy to navigate and manage all of your domains within an easy to understand drop down interface.


We use HMA AKA as HideMyAss to mainly switch our ip address when navigating to sites that we may not want to have our ip address.  Being marketers that create software tools we also have incorporated this service into a few of our software tools make enables them to get around restrictions that other software's may have difficulty without it doing. We also like HMA due to the fact that they have a very large database of ip addresses that are rotated out quite frequently.


When we cannot use a VPN such as HideMyAss to get around some of the sites that we are trying to automate, we use a service like MyPrivateProxy. This allows use the benefit of using shared or private proxies that allow direct access to these ip's which lightning fast. These are mainly used for certain software tools that we provide and a lot of 3rd party software tools on the market that we do not offer.


If you are going to have an online business you need to protect yourself, your business, and your assets. We have been a target of many online hucksters and for this purpose have nothing in our personal name. We strongly advise you if you are doing any type of business online to look into some type of business entity for protection such as an LLC. We have several and these are pretty easy to setup and get started and you can be up and running the same day.


When we first started out online we were doing everything ourselves and it is by no means the fastest way to grow a business. However, in the beginning you may need to bootstrap until your business turns a profit and there is nothing wrong with that. The minute you
are able to invest a portion of your profits into hiring more people to duplicate your efforts your business will start to grow a lot faster. This platform has allowed us to do just that which has also increased our income as a result.


2Captcha is 1 of 2 services that we use even though there are several.  2Captcha has been the most widely known for years and is emerging as the dominant leader and go to provider to use when needing to solve image based captchas.

Death By Captcha

Death By Captcha is 1 of 2 services that we use even though there are several.  Death By Captcha has been the most widely known for years and has held onto the title of being king for some time. However, as they got popular and everyone started using them they started
experiencing service issues from time to time.  This opened up the door for another provider such as 2Captcha to come in and fill some of the gaps that were lacking by Death By Captcha.  However, having both of these services makes it much easier to use many software tools that we offer.