How To Get Your Own Branded Affiliate Page and An Entry Into The Traffic Rotator


Once you have made one affiliate sale of any of the VIP Inner Circle Memberships ($197 VIP Inner Circle, $397 VIP Inner Circle, or $597 VIP Inner Circle) you qualify for the following:


Feature #1 - Branded Affiliate Page

1 Branded Affiliate Page - This will have your own affiliate links embed in the buy buttons on one page as opposed to you having to market 3 separate links for each of the 3 different VIP Inner Circle memberships.


Feature #2 - Traffic Rotator System

1 Entry Into The Traffic Rotator - We have setup a rotator system for affiliates who have made at least 1 affiliate sale of any of the 3 VIP Inner Circle memberships.   We will enter your specific branded affiliate page link into the traffic rotator system.   We will purchase traffic from various vendors that we will direct specifically to this rotator system.   Your branded affiliate page will be rotated amongst the other qualified affiliates who will also be able to benefit by receiving free traffic their branded affiliate page.

This rotator system was designed to assist you in making sales, not to replace what you are already doing to make sales.  We wanted to reward those who are action takers as this was the main driving factor behind setting the traffic rotator system up.

Steps To Get Access To Both Features

After You Have Made At Least One Sale You Have Qualified For Both of The Above Features and Below We Will Explain How To Gain Access To Both.

Note:  You Only Need To Do This Once.


Step 1. - If You Have Not Already Done So Sign Up For A Free PaySpree Account By Clicking The Link Below - Click Here

Step 2. - Click The Link Below Where It Will Take You To Our Support Desk To Submit A Support Ticket -

Step 3. - Once You Arrive On The Home Page of Our Support Desk You Will Want To Click The "Submit a ticket" Link Which Will Open Up A Support Ticket.

Step 4. - Please Enter Your Details As Shown Below On Within The Fields Indicated On The Support Ticket So That We Have All of The Necessary Information.


The Steps Below Are Very Important

Name - Enter Your Full Name As It Appears In Your PaySpree Back Office.

Email - Enter Your Best Email Address That You Would Like To Receive A Notification To When We Respond To Your Support Ticket With Your Branded Affiliate Page and Confirmation That Your Branded Affiliate Page Has Been Entered Into The Traffic Rotator System.

Confirm Email - Use Same Email Address As Above.

Are You A Current Customer - Select "No" From The Drop Down Menu.

PayPal Email Address Used To Make Purchase - Enter The Same Email Address As Above.

Subject - Enter The Following - "Affiliate Requests Branded Affiliate Page and Access To Traffic Rotator".

Message -  Please Provide Your PaySpree Username Which You Created When You Setup Your PaySpree Account.  This Can Be Found In The "Profile" Tab Which You Can Access When You Log Into Your PaySpree Back Office.  Also Include The Name of The Person That Paid You Via PayPal For The Sale That You Made For Selling Once of The VIP Inner Circle Memberships.

Attachments - Attach An Image of The Exact PayPal Receipt That You Received Via PayPal After Making A Sale of One of Our VIP Inner Circle Memberships.

Next - Fill Out The Captcha and Click "Submit Ticket"


Next Steps

After We Have Received Your Support Ticket With The Above Information and Validated It We Will Create Your Branded Affiliate Page So That You Have This For Yourself To Either Market On Your or Do As Your Please.  However, We Will Enter Your Branded Affiliate Page Into The Traffic Rotator System.   You Should Notice Traffic Flowing To Your Branded Affiliate Page Within The Next 24 To 48 Hours After We Have Replied To Your Support Ticket With Your Branded Affiliate Page.

Please Allow Us 24 To 48 Hours To Respond To Your Initial Support Ticket