Video Tutorials - On Using The Software

1st Steps

BackPage Ad Poster 2.0 Version 2 - Intro

BackPage Ad Poster 2.0 Version 2 - Demo

Videos About The Different Tabs

Login Details Tab Video

Test Your Link Tab Video

Main Tab - Ad Headlines Video

Main Tab - Ad Body Text Video

Main Tab - Posting Format and Changing IP Address Option

Main Tab - Second To Wait Before and After Verifying The Email Sent From BackPage

Main Tab - Select A Posting Option Video

Setting Up Your HMA VPN

How To Set Up The HMA VPN Service

Hide My Ass VPN Service (optional)

Make Sure To Download This Version of The Hide My Ass VPN Software To Your Computer When You Access The HMA Backoffice Which Looks Exactly Like The Option Provided Below.   You Do Not Want To Download The Newest Version As The Software Is Currently Not Configured To Work With The Newest Version Just Released As of Yet.

Setting Up Your Gmail Account

How To Setup Your Gmail Account To Get Started Quickly


Note: Also disable the 2 Step verification so that the software may access your account.  If you do not do this the software will be unable to log into your account due to the additional step required to access your account (i.e. replying to a text message or receiving an email.)


Click Here To View Instructions On How To Do This


Captcha Service

Captcha Service


(You need to use this service below to automate the software)


Note: 2Captcha is the only service that the software works with now as Death By Captcha has been removed due to lack of solving captchas in a timely manner.

How To Forward Your Domain Name

How To Forward Your Domain Name Video


How To Spin Your Content

How To Spin Your Content Video


Video Extras

The 5 Things That You Must Do To Be Successful In Getting Your Ads Posted


How Long It Should Take For Your Ads To Show Up Once They Have Been Posted


Note: Lately it has been taking anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes for some of the ads to appear in the cities and funny
thing this just started happening soon after this video was made.

How To Overcome The BackPage Error Message When Posting Your Ads


How To Cloak Your Links When Posting