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BackPage Ad Posting Formula

Do These Things Below Everyday That You Post To BackPage

- Set up a new Gmail account or accounts (at least 3).
- Buy a new Domain name from for 99 cent.
- Change the cloaked domain/url/link (where you are sending prospects).
- Switch the ip address every 10 to 25 post using the HMA VPN service.
- Do not spin the headline or ad body copy by putting random sequential numbers behind the last character(but you should change the the ad copy everyday that you post).
- Use ad headlines that can be modified from different safelist and compile them into a swipe file that way every ad headline is unique.
- When posting with image ads always use Photobucket to host the images as BackPage does not restrict Photobucket but it seems that text ads have less of an issue getting posted than image ads.

This formula has been working for our customers lately and has been tested and should be used everyday that you post so that BackPage never sees the same information for the same city but only once.

BackPage Ad Posting Formula Video

Most Recent Changes To The Software 6/23/2014

Note: The Gmail Addresses will be randomly rotated.
Also to existing users the BPadcopy.ini & BPProfiles.ini files are
no longer necessary as this function has been removed due to
loading issues and may be restored in the future.

Most Recent Changes To BackPageĀ  6/9/2014

Other Modifications

- The option to upload custom urls is no longer available due to BackPage making a modification to how you must access each city as you can no longer just access the city by going directly to the url itself.

- Captcha button removed and replaced with the captcha fields input directly into the software as described in this video - Click Here